Can pest control companies remove opossums?

You may never have seen one yourself, but you have certainly heard of it. As the only marsupial native to North America, the opossum is certainly an intriguing creature. On the one hand, its immunity to venoms and tendency to play dead whenever it feels threatened never cease to impress us but on the other hand, its undeniably hideous outlook and pestiferous nature hasn’t exactly made it a favorite among the masses.

Why would you want to remove an opossum?
Ironically, opossums can serve as great pest controls themselves since they are omnivorous and gobble up everything from insects and rats to garbage. Sadly, it hasn’t managed to hit it off with us. An opossum tends to end up in your yard and wreak havoc. It smells really bad, and that doesn’t exactly do wonders for your home environment. It can get into your sheds or garages or even the attics and mess around with stuff with generally terrible consequences. It is not uncommon to hear about opossums that have ruined someone’s car or chewed on electrical wires in the attic that has led to sparks and machine failures. The list of nightmarish stories related to opossums is endless. Therefore, it is only natural to want to remove the demented creature with every sinew of your being.

What are pest control companies?
Pest control companies are organizations that are involved in the management or regulation of a species that is detrimental to humans or human concerns. They consist of licensed professionals who generally conduct inspections around your house, and then use various products ranging from gels to sprays to eliminate the pests.

Do pest control companies handle opossums?
We have established that opossums are pests, so calling a pest control company to remove them should be good enough, right? As it happens, that wouldn’t work out since pest control companies generally deal with insects and small rodents; they aren’t supposed to eliminate opossums. Additionally, they traditionally rely on poisons as the ultimate pest removal tool, which is a big no-no as far as opossums are concerned. That is an illegal act, and in any case, there are no legally registered opossum poisons available in the market.

Contact opossum control professionals
This specific problem requires a specific solution, and this is where opossum control professionals come in. These are licensed individuals who are trained in opossum management and removal. They will generally use special steel cage traps to capture and subsequently remove the creature, while opossum repellents may also be employed. To obtain their contact information, you may get in touch with organizations such as the Opossum Society of the United States (OSUS) and National Opossum Society.

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